• What is best practice in the management of small to medium sized professional associations?

  • Why is being a client of PAMS better than what we do now? We get all these services from a range of excellent providers!

    As a PAMS client, all your services will be provided at pre-agreed rates from the one source. You only have to deal through your Account Manager for all of your needs. Also, you will have access to shared infrastructure elements (such as computing, photocopying and telephone services), so your overheads will be considerably lessened.

  • Not all associations have the same needs, or equal financial resources! Will PAMS be a good fit for my association?

    We deal with all sorts of associations with different needs, budgets and goals. Your Service Level Agreement will be tailored to your needs. A base package might consist of minimal account management and minimal secretarial services.

  • Our volume of activity varies from period to period. We are busiest leading up to our annual conference. Can PAMS help us out?

    Of course we can! Your service level agreement (SLA) will average the estimated load across the year and PAMS staff will be scheduled to be available as required. Alternatively, you might simply want to use PAMS' event management as a single service for your conference.

  • How can we be sure our membership data and financial data will be secure? It's taken years to build our membership and we're not about to give it away!

    We take issues of privacy and security very seriously at PAMS. All of your data will be managed within a password protected environment. Only you can nominate those persons who may have access to your data. Also, all of your data will be backed up every day. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

  • We already have an Association Executive who knows our industry intimately. It's important that we retain his/her services. Can we do that and still subscribe to PAMS?

    Yes. Many industry associations need an industry expert as their principal representative. PAMS' task is to support that person in their work through providing the services he/she most needs.

  • We already have our own premises and staff. Can we still come to PAMS for just one or two services?

    Yes, PAMS will 'host' some associations, but simply provide a single once-off or ongoing service to others. However, it's the associations which are hosted by PAMS that will gain the greatest cost and operational improvements and efficiencies.

  • Would PAMS provide us with an online database which we could manage ourselves?

    Yes. PAMS is licenced to use the market-leading SQL-based iMIS database. This means you have the power of this technology without ever having to buy the licence yourselves. Access to your data will be controlled by different security levels, as prescribed by you.

  • What is PAMS' Privacy Policy?

    Your privacy is important to us, and the following policy explains how we protect your privacy and information.