Why Choose PAMS

As association management specialists, PAMS can reduce the cost of running a professional association, society or club by providing a single point of administration, consisting of all the essential services required by each organisation. Our services increase the professionalism and operational efficiency of our clients.

PAMS Listens

While we have specialist knowledge in association management, we understand that our clients are our most valuable source of insight, as they know their organisation best. We make a special effort to listen and work closely with our clients so we can provide a personalised and excellent service.

Technology Investment

For effective and streamlined management, the best technology can be enormously beneficial to your organisation. However, these technologies can be prohibitively expensive. That’s where we come in; we can help you and your organisation with access to the best technology in a cost-effective way! As our facilities are shared by our clients, you get the best technology at lower prices.