Increase Your Efficiency

At PAMS, we have the capability to help your organisation run at greater efficiency with better processes and operational awareness. Consider some of the common issues our clients face:
  • Administration run by a volunteer workforce
  • Issues with continuity and handovers
  • Inconsistent communications and accessibility for members
  • Decentralised processes and bookkeeping
  • An unprofessional and disorganised front-of-house
  • Stressed and resource-poor volunteers/staff
If any of these are familiar to you, we can help. We can guide you towards a professional and efficient association. With us, your organisation has potential for major improvements:
  • Communications and inquiries handled in business hours from Monday to Friday
  • Efficient and reliable communications
  • Well-executed handovers and improved continuity
  • Insider knowledge from not-for-profit specialists
  • A professional operation that works well for its members and board
  • Strategic action items achieved
  • Administrative affairs handled by a professional centralised team