Reduce Your Costs

We can reduce the cost of running your professional association, society or club, while increasing efficiency and attracting members. As association specialists, PAMS can reduce the cost of running a professional association, society or club, by providing a single point of administration, consisting of all essential services required by each organisation. By centralising and outsourcing your administration infrastructure, your organisation can make better use of limited resources, while being administered by not-for-profit specialists. This means that your leaders can focus appropriately on the relevant core industry and association issues. Ask yourself the following questions when considering PAMS as a cost-effective option:
  • Do you need to be paying rent on offices?
  • Are handovers messy and disruptive?
  • Is it necessary you own / lease your capital equipment (computers, software, phones, photocopier, furniture)?
  • Is it essential that you employ your own staff?
  • Is staff recruitment and training a major expense for you?
  • What would it cost you in lost time if a staff member left?
PAMS is a professional, economic and efficient alternative for many of the issues your association may face.